Economic Storm Business Survival Guide
~ Webinar ~

Presented by:  Manuel Palachuk

Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Everyone already has a myriad of Coronavirus checklists and How-To-Work-Remotely best practices, but who’s helping you understand the economic implications of what’s happening and how to survive it?

There is an immense amount of uncertainty to navigate in this economic storm, and it’s not going to be over this month or perhaps even this year! What you need is to understand some of the implications and how best to prepare for the many possible scenarios in our collective futures. That, and the tools to get ourselves into the best possible financial shape to weather the storm.

I was running an MSP during the Great Recession, and the measures we put in place made all the difference in the survival of that company. Post-Recession, I helped another MSP get turned around and break through new heights, again, using the very same measures. Today, these are the very same measures I use to help my clients get turned around or get to the next level. And I’m going to share it all with you!

Listen in and I’ll try to help paint an accurate perspective for you about what the future may hold for your small business. I’ll also share with you every single tactic I know of to help you navigate the storm, and I’ll give you some of my favorite tools to help you do so. The list of resources is growing every day.

The Three Most Important Takeaways


We all need to understand the nature of this economic storm, how big it could get, and potentially how long it could last. With perspective, we have the option of making logical decisions and formulate medium and long-term strategy based on more fact than fear.


The path to success isn’t always clear, and when it’s not, we look for signs of which direction to turn or maybe even an indicator that we should turn back. If we’re lucky enough, we bring someone along on the trip that’s been down a similar path before.


You’re only as good as your reference library, your Rolodex (phone and email list for those under 50), and the quality of the tools in your tool box. Let’s fill up your toolbox!

March 31st

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