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Here Is The Resource List And Related Links

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Coronavirus Emergency Loans, Small Business Guide and Checklist. This was created to provide information on preparing to file for a Coronavirus relief loan under the CARES Act. See their page for a link to the PDF guide as well as a link to an interactive map showing the available aid on a state-by-state basis.
Link to Page

Rayanne Buchianico of ABS Solutions wrote two financial blogs related to the crisis - One to help MSPs stay ahead of the curve during this pandemic; the second with tips on building a strategy to use the CARES Act money to weather the storm. She also has a comprehensive page of free finance-related resources, including Coronavirus-related ones such as CARES Act Summary Notes, EIDL vs PPP Comparison, and notes on Recovery Rebates for Individuals.
Link to Resources Page
Link to Blog (Stay Ahead of the Curve)
Link to Blog (CARES Act Money Strategy)

Dave Sobel, host of the Business of Tech podcast, with data analysis on the things we’re seeing, including resources on what’s going on and economic projection data to leverage.
Link to Podcast Page

Amy Babinchak of Harbor Computer has a page providing a great roll-up of information regarding assistance for your business. She also wrote an article featured on TechGenix - On Being An MSP During The Coronavirus Pandemic - about the stress, the reasons for it, and where we have to go from here.  
Link to Page
Link to Article

ChannelPro Network is a great resource for MSPs. They continue to post articles for the community on the crisis and what you can do. See their Resources For Navigating The Coronavirus hub of articles for more information.
Link to Hub

Erick Simpson of ErickSimpson.com’s article on 10 Tips for MSPs and Their Customers to Weather to Coronavirus Outbreak.
Link to Article

TopLeft has a video blog on Getting Ready to Accelerate Out of the Hairpin Curve covering remote work and four things you can do to prepare your MSP for better things during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
Link to Video Blog
TopLeft is also holding a Weekly Roundtable. Keep an eye out on their Home Page at the bottom under “From the Blog” for details.

Josh Peterson of Bering McKinley offered up a free copy of their Financial Targets document with pro tips and target percentages for the various business categories.
Click to Open Document
Bering McKinley also has an IT Firm Checklist you can download, with a complete best practice checklist for improving the performance of your MSP.
Link to Download

Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation’s blog on Remote Worker Configurations - New 36-month Opportunity:
Link to Blog

American radio show host, author and businessman Dave Ramsey has some great free shows/podcasts you can watch or listen to in the background. One of his recent ones (March 26) covers “Nobody Makes Good Decisions When They’re Afraid” and “Advice for Small Businesses During Coronavirus”. Check out all his shows below:
Link to Page

Our sponsor Small Biz Thoughts Community, run by Karl Palachuk, with resources, forum, classes and seminars, etc. for the IT/MSP market:
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Additional Good Reads

Jay McBain of Forrester’s article on Quantifying Coronavirus for the Technology Channel:
Link to Article

Some articles from CHANNELe2e to help with your crisis planning:
7 Business Changes MSPs Must Make Immediately: Pivot Now
Revised IT Services 2020 Market Forecast: Bleak?
U.S. Small Business Cash Crunch: Latest Data, Research

FreightPop’s blog with some great suggestions applicable across any industry on why you should lean into a downturn:
(Includes a link to an on-demand webinar from Cision on Best Practices for Brand Communications in Times of Uncertainty)
Link to Blog

Article: McDonald’s recent pivot, and why every smart business leader who wants to emerge on the other side of the Coronavirus crisis with his or her business intact should pay attention.
Link to Article

James Kernan of Kernan Consulting’s list of Business, Financial, and other recommended reading material:
Link to List

Upcoming Tools

Agile Service Delivery - The Master Class shows you how to create true flow in your value delivery process and will transform your service delivery process faster than any other method. The Master Class is already online in a swipe-n-learn module. Coming soon, we will have Team Pricing available. See the page for details on the course.
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Time </Hack> Scripts - 101+ Powershell scripts that can save even the laziest tech over 1,000 hours a year! Coming soon.
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