Getting To The Next Level

A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top

Getting to the next level is a never-ending journey for you and your business, and now you have the definitive guide book. From the design of the business to the execution on strategy and all the tools you need in between, this book covers it. It shows you how to gauge your business maturity and your progress along your roadmap to stratospheric success. Complete with a well-defined case study and example by the author that are built from years of experience in business management and guidance.

Getting To The Next Level - A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top

Learn to design your business from the top down using the Pyramid of Purpose and Value and then build it from the ground up by leveraging Business Agile Strategy Execution (BASE).

Your Shared Vision is the heart of your business, even more so than your product and service value proposition. Your shared vision must be embedded in your organization’s culture so it can permeate all the way down to the ground level.

The Pyramid of Purpose and Value allows you to design your business from the top down and to share it in a meaningful way. It paints a clear and enticing picture and tells a very compelling story of how you intend to create stratospheric success. It attracts the right people to back your endeavor and the right people to get on board.

Your ability to define a clear business roadmap & strategy and then execute on it is one of the biggest determinants of your success.

Imagine taking the most advanced methods of Agile development and applying them to your business roadmap & strategy execution. That’s Business Agile Strategy Execution (BASE). BASE is the most innovative advancement for small and medium-sized business roadmap development and strategy execution, and you can harness and leverage its power for yourself. The entire process is clearly defined and broken down in step-by-step fashion using real-life examples.

Today more than ever there is a demand for value in everything we create or do. Tap into the author’s insights on creating a value proposition for your customers that endears them to your business because they see you are a value-driven organization. Learn about the elements of success that determine your organization’s overall Business Maturity Index and how to drive them in the direction you want. With this book, you will have the most important component of a true significant competitive advantage for your business–the blueprint for success.

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From the Author

I wrote Getting To The Next Level to be a complete handbook for designing your business from the top down and building (or rebuilding) it from the ground up. I realized I needed to write this book while I was still working as the COO of a small corporation. I was brought on to help turn the business around, and I did. When I was done, I launched my coaching and consulting career.

I vowed to keep my workload low so as to afford myself time to solidify my innovations and document my methods. I believed it was most important to build this book of tools and methods early on so that I could share what would become my blueprint for success with others.

Writing Getting To The Next Level was a labor of love and it has become exactly what I intended. It is the handbook of best of breed tools, best practices, and innovative methods that will help you get to the next level. It is, in fact, the handbook I provide to all my clients when coaching.

I hope you enjoy the content and that it helps you get to the next level.

Good luck in all your endeavors!



From the Inside Flap

Getting To The Next Level
If you want to get ahead–if you want to get a larger market share, if you want to take a bigger piece of the pie, if you really want to get to the next level–you must also have a significant competitive advantage. This book will show you how to define and leverage your competitive advantage by designing (or redesigning) your business from the top down and then building (or rebuilding) it from the ground up.

The Pyramid of Purpose and Value
Tap into the power of the pyramid and let it be your guide to designing your business from the top down according to a solid, logical process and flow. Discover why every level must rely on the levels below and how your organization’s Culture, Compass, and Blueprint for Success are interrelated and bound together.

Business Agile Strategy Execution
Put yourself ahead of the competition by systematically moving your business to the next level using the power of Agile Execution coupled with Business Strategy. Learn to execute on strategy as a core competency for your business and to drive that strategy along your roadmap to success.
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Book Details
Publisher: Great Little Book Publishing Co., Inc. (January 1, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1942115393
ISBN-13: 978-1942115397
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.1 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds


Manuel has over 30 years of business, management, and training experience in the computer and electronics industries, including owning and managing successful ITSM and MSP companies. He is a well-known author in the IT Consulting community for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. He is an experienced speaker and trainer at industry conferences. His goal and passion is to take your business to the next level, and he has the blueprint to do it.

He holds an Associate degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Automated Manufacturing and is an expert of process, systems, and their efficiency. Manuel is driven toward the application of continuous improvement through Agile methodology in all aspects of business. He is most noted for his trademark training on the Ten Golden Rules of PSA and Working and Tracking Time in Real-time.

Manuel is also the co-author of the Network Migration Workbook, an expansive 535-page document covering the complete processes and checklists required to migrate your network with zero downtime.

When not working, Manuel enjoys many hobbies including Sailing, Photography, SCUBA diving, and Taekwondo. Manuel’s extensive travel has taken him to 30 countries on four continents. His travels have helped him relate to a wider demographic and clearly see things from many different perspectives.

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Feel free to contact him there or directly at


Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars - This Is The Book To Read And Use If You Are A MSP That’s Ready To Grow Your Technology Business
By Brian on February 15, 2017

I recently learned about Manuel after reading about his upcoming book on small biz thoughts. I contacted him and asked to be notified when the book was available for purchase. This led to the opportunity to review the book before it was released. I can now tell you from reading the book, interacting with Manuel and being involved on some of his coaching calls that if you will roll up your sleeves and apply the information in this book it will set you on the growth path. As a small MSP, it has helped me to start putting the systems, and processes in place that is moving my company on a sustainable path to growth. I have been a tech for a long time but there are a number of skill gaps I was missing as a business owner. In the book Manuel shares how to understand the value chain and to implement LEAN, Six Sigma, and Agile specifically for small business. This book is a massive toolbox where you can pick the tool you need and get to work. My favorite part of the book is the case study he uses that practically applies many of the tools in the book to a fictional company most MSP owners will be able to relate to and immediately apply to their business. Manuel slogan is The Coach That Will Take You To The Gym, Not Just Send You There! In the last few months of getting to know Manuel and using his material, I can say he lives up to this claim.

5.0 out of 5 stars - If you read one business book this year, Getting to the Next Level should be the one!
By James Riley on February 1, 2017

If you read one business book this year, Getting to the Next Level should be the one! Manuel has been in the trenches and isn’t just presenting theories, he’s presenting ideas that are proven to work. There are plenty of books that give you specific models for your business but Manual has done a great job of providing a framework that you can use. You can elect to use or not use certain elements that he discusses but, regardless of what you choose, you will walk away educated on a broad scope of concepts, systems and ideas that will improve your overall understanding of business.

5.0 out of 5 stars - An AWESOME book of IT wisdom!
By William on February 1, 2017

I have been in the IT industry for over 30 years. Manuel has definitely hit the “nail on the head” with this book. He addresses every thought that I have had over the years. You can tell he has been in the trenches of IT. This book will change your business, but only if you follow his strategically laid out advice. To have this much advice for this price is unbelievable. It is an easy read. If I had this information when I started, It would have changed my life in so many ways. If you are in the IT business and this book isn’t in your library, then you are missing a goldmine of information. He has gone to the school of “hard-knocks” and he given “tried and true” plans to get your business to the next level. If you get a chance to meet him at his speaking engagements, DO NOT PASS up that opportunity to meet a legend in the IT industry. I can’t say enough about this book as you can tell. All I can say is, “add to cart”, you won’t be disappointed.

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What my clients are saying…

Rayanne Buchianico

“Manuel is so much more than a coach. If you own or manage an MSP, you need to talk with him. His extensive experience and unique system takes your business and draws a picture. The picture starts with what your business looks like today, and… Read more “Rayanne Buchianico, Owner, ABC Solutions, LLC”

Rayanne Buchianico, Owner
ABC Solutions, LLC
William Lanier

“What difference has Manuel’s coaching made? How do you say ‘EVERYTHING’? He understands the trials of an IT company owner. Not just the IT side, but the family side, the team side. He has all the areas covered. The reason his training is different is… Read more “William Lanier, CEO, Christian Computers, LLC”

William Lanier, CEO
Christian Computers, LLC
Ben Ahlquist

“Manuel comes from a true foundation of success in our industry in his own right, combines it with top-notch operations consulting and business strategy, and has a coaching style that gives it to you straight while simultaneously being encouraging with no judgment or criticism. I… Read more “Ben Ahlquist, President, ByteSmart Services LLC”

Ben Ahlquist, President
ByteSmart Services LLC
Ahsun Saleem

“I wanted a coach who wouldn’t just tell me what I needed to do, but how I needed to do it. As a business owner, I understood the various areas I needed to work on, but wasn’t sure how I could go about improving those… Read more “Ahsun Saleem, President, Simplegrid Technology Inc.”

Ahsun Saleem, President
Simplegrid Technology Inc.

“Manuel is direct and clear. He stands by his advice and recommendations. There’s never any guessing as to what he means or what I should do. Manuel provided solid business advice in the IT service provider field. He had not only the business coaching, but… Read more “John Verbrugge, President, Nonlinear Tech Inc.”

John Verbrugge, President
Nonlinear Tech Inc.
Jon Sastre

“Manuel is a black belt at building and sustaining a true proactive service delivery model. He works to build and change cultures within organizations. Other business coaches are generic; Manuel understands the MSP model and how to achieve excellence in service delivery. He understands our… Read more “Jon Sastre, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services, United Data Technologies”

Jon Sastre, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services
United Data Technologies
Jason Etheridge

“Working with Manuel has been business-changing and far exceeded my expectations. He isn’t lying when he says he takes you to the gym. My head muscle hurts (in a good way)! The MPI Getting to the Next Level program has completely changed our service delivery… Read more “Jason R. Etheridge, President, Logic Speak”

Jason R. Etheridge, President
Logic Speak
David Moadab

“I had joined a Microsoft networking event and after the first few meetings, I began to notice a pattern: The most successful members seemed to have a common denominator – Manuel. This is what made me choose Manuel for coaching. Before working with Manuel, we… Read more “David Moadab, CEO, Solutions Squad Inc.”

David Moadab, CEO
Solutions Squad Inc.
Philipp Baumann

“When I engaged with Manuel, my business was at a very bad point. We were not providing good service to our customers. Every tech did things differently, and we had a cowboy lead technician that was causing more harm than good and a system that… Read more “Philipp Baumann, President, BoomTech, Inc.”

Philipp Baumann, President
BoomTech, Inc.
Josh Weiss

“I chose to coach with Manuel because I appreciate how he does business. Manuel is rigorous, process focused, and genuinely cares about his clients and individuals and their businesses as a whole. Manuel helped me think through the process of creating a rigorous process manual,… Read more “Josh Weiss, President & Founder, L.A. Creative Technologies”

Josh Weiss, President & Founder
L.A. Creative Technologies
Mike Ita

“The difference Manuel has made to my personal life, team, and organization in the short time working with him has been immeasurable. I knew who he was before we started working together, but didn’t realize he was on a mission to help other people succeed… Read more “Mike Ita, CEO & Founder, IT Corps”

Mike Ita, CEO & Founder
IT Corps
Schyler Jones

“I’ve been working with Manuel going on 4 years and I can say my experience has been nothing shy of phenomenal. Manuel has years of real-world experience both as an engineer and in IT, developing and following formalized processes that have enabled him to build… Read more “Schyler Jones, Owner, MiradorIT LLC”

Schyler Jones, Owner
MiradorIT LLC
Eddie Joffe

“I love working with Manuel. He constantly gets me past my sticking points. When I feel stuck, I know Manuel will get me going again to reach my goals. Before working with Manuel, I actually wasn’t even using PSA. Manuel made sure I implemented a… Read more “Eddie Joffe, Owner, NetZone Technologies”

Eddie Joffe, Owner
NetZone Technologies

“It is most important to note that Manuel truly understands every aspect of our business and our product. There is no doubt that his experience in the service industry has helped us put together many of our best processes in much less time than if… Read more “Stephen H. Watkins, Sr., Owner, S.H. Watkins and Associates”

Stephen H. Watkins, Sr., Owner
S.H. Watkins and Associates
Steve Bootes

“The most important benefit to Manuel’s coaching has been his encouragement and being told that we’re making improvements. When you’re in the thick of it every day, it can sometimes seem that you’re not making any progress and things are just the same that they’ve… Read more “Steve Bootes, Owner, Computing Dynamics Ltd.”

Steve Bootes, Owner
Computing Dynamics Ltd.
Ken Dwight

“I find value in working with Manuel in many ways – financially, organizationally, and new and enhanced professional relationships. He has been a breath of fresh air, helping me recognize areas of my business that are ripe for improvement, giving me ideas for growing my… Read more “Ken Dwight, President, The Virus Doctor”

Ken Dwight, President
The Virus Doctor

“Manuel’s coaching has made a tremendous difference in my life as a whole. Before I met Manual, I did not see myself as someone who was in control of my career. His coaching has not only allowed me to see how I am in control,… Read more “Robin Galley, Assistant Vice President, Golden Pacific Bank”

Robin Galley, Assistant Vice President
Golden Pacific Bank
Brian Glover

“My business process was held together with duct tape when I met Manuel, which created a lot of chaos in my business. He told me I needed to automate my business so I did not have to work in my business and showed me a… Read more “Brian Glover, CEO, Technology Solutions Consulting”

Brian Glover, CEO
Technology Solutions Consulting
Patrick Eloi

“The CCIT staff has responded well to Manuel’s coaching because they can see the improvement in our day-to-day process. The training emphasizes the need for our technical staff to document and function as a team as opposed to each tech working as an individual. Manuel’s… Read more “Patrick Eloi, Owner and General Manager, Complete Care IT”

Patrick Eloi, Owner and General Manager
Complete Care IT
Felipe Vidal

“I like a no B.S. way of communicating. Manuel communicates clearly and with a conviction that gets my attention even when I don’t agree with him. There’s no sales pitch in Manuel’s delivery. He really keeps it real. Manuel is focused on success in our… Read more “Felipe Vidal, President, Vital Systems Support”

Felipe Vidal, President
Vital Systems Support
Jim Hunton

“I find working with Manuel to be efficient and productive. He is very task orientated and holds everyone accountable. Manuel brings real knowledge and experience. He knows how to make you more profitable. Manuel is not there to lay out a plan and not see… Read more “Jim Hunton, President, Onsite Technical Services LLC”

Jim Hunton, President
Onsite Technical Services LLC