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GTTNL Project PortalThis custom project portal lays out your entire business strategy for each of ten specific aspects of your business in a unique way that allows true agile strategy execution. From the first day you work with Manuel on this portal, you will see how a business strategy for achieving just about any goal can be broken down to its simplest elements and then acted on in the most efficient way possible. When you treat each of these ten key business aspects as individual and ongoing projects, you find that the easiest way to get any one of them to the Next Level is to address the most important items that can be remedied or incorporated within a reasonable amount of time as simply a new version of that business aspect.

Membership In This Program Includes:

o Unlimited Projects
o Unlimited Users / Collaborators
o Up to 5 GB of File Storage Space
o Help for manoeuvring and using the GTTNL Strategy Collaboration Portal via email

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Membership Price $249 per month
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One Time Set-up Fee $199
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About Manuel Palachuk

I am the coach that will take you to the gym! Not just send you there.

I provide coaching and consulting to individuals, teams, or organizations with only one goal in mind: to take you and your business to the next level. And I have the blueprint to do it!