Working and Tracking Time in Real-time - White Paper

Tackle the single toughest obstacle to super high profits in your service delivery system with this in-depth paper written specifically with IT Services in mind. Every CRM, PSA, and ticketing system out there wants to supply you with great reports on your billability and your efficiency, but not one of them can do it unless everyone is working and tracking time in real-time.

Working and Tracking Time in Real-time White PaperTap into the wisdom of the author who has turned service delivery systems around for many companies, and who can help you do the same for yourself. Even if you are the only one who creates billable time in your company, you likely need some coaching on how to make the transition, and here it is.

This whitepaper lays out the evolution of time tracking in Levels, from One to Five, then shows you how to go from Level One - time stamps and notes taken on a tablet throughout the day - to Level Five - entering time in real-time directly into your PSA. Along the way, the great myth, that a technician who multitasks is more efficient, is exposed and dispelled.

The profitability potential of the Managed Services model, where time is tracked in real-time, is explored in some detail including examples. Time tracking methods are laid out, including understanding the ideal time-tracking increments for our industry, and the ever important skill of rounding time entries to 5 and 15 minutes.

Discover the Golden Rules of Working and Tracking Time in Real-time. Follow the Time Tracking Log example that covers the entire day of a technician who jumps from after-hours response calls to field service, then helpdesk, then back to field service and never misses a time entry.

The author could clearly fill an entire book with this subject, and here you will find the distilled and most immediately useful content in a 19-page whitepaper.

Note: This whitepaper is an excellent companion to the Working and Tracking Time in Real-time training webinar!

Some of the subjects covered include:

• Why Track Time?
• History and Evolution of Time Tracking
• Working and Tracking Time in Real-time Maturity Level
• Time Increments for the Service Industry
• Profit and Value Potential
• The Multi-tasking Myth
• Proper Time Tracking Methods
• The Basics of Time Tracking
• The Three Golden Rules of Working and Tracking Time in Real-time
• Time Tracking Log Examples
• The Rounding Process
• General Rules of 5 and 15-Minute Time Entry
• Rounding the Time Tracking Log Entries
• Where to go from here?

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