The Coach’s Huddle – Mastermind Group @ ChannelCon

Monday August 5th 2019
1:00 PDT – 2:45 PDT

ChannelCon 2019 @ Bellagio Hotel
Da Vinci 4 Meeting Room
Registration is required

The Huddle Starts In...








Tap Into The Power of The Mastermind!

We’re putting together coach-led mastermind groups

…and you’re invited!

Manuel Palachuk

Manuel Palachuk

President and Head Coach
Manuel Palachuk International

Amy Babinchak

Amy Babinchak

Third Tier

Dave Seibert

Dave Seibert

Influencer, Technologist, Entrepreneur

Erick Simpson

Erick Simpson

Founder & Chief Strategist

Rayanne Buchianico

Rayanne Buchianico

ABC Solutions, LLC

James Kernan

James Kernan

Principal Consultant
Kernan Consulting

Please join me and a handful of my fellow coaches and mentors
@ ChannelCon 2019 for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

What Is A Mastermind Group?

You may have already experienced the power of a mastermind group without realizing it. The best example would be a time when you were deep in conversation with a small group of sharp individuals and suddenly found yourself internally super-charged with new and different ideas, maybe even solutions to things you’d been pondering for months. This is the power of a mastermind group.

The intention is to feed the idea factory in all of us by making connections with other inspired and motivated people who share a desire to get to the next level. When you participate fully, you get access to and feel the power of the mastermind. Everyone makes new connections that are often long-term and certainly always beneficial.

Why Are We Doing This?

For years, I’ve run ad-hoc, open-to-anyone mastermind groups online and in person. I do it for two simple reasons: I want to make a million connections of entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs, and I want them to know that they don’t necessarily need to pay to get started in the mastermind.

Entrepreneurs need to know that they can actually put together a mastermind group for themselves and it doesn’t have to cost them anything. Of course, once you realize the power of the mastermind and you’re ready, you really should take it to the next level and turbo-charge the power by joining a mastermind that is led by a coach.

Now, these industry-leading coaches and mentors have agreed to help me spread the word about the power of participating in a mastermind group. Each of these coaches and mentors know firsthand how transformational the mastermind can be because they participate in them with their peers as well.

How Does The Coach’s Huddle Mastermind Work?

  • Before the huddle day, we will assign up to six registrants to each coach or mentor.
  • We will always try to keep you in a group of similar-size organizations.
  • When you get into your group, we move along with these simple rules:
    • Everyone will take a turn in the introduction of themselves and their company (120 seconds each).
    • Everyone will take a turn in presenting their: Success, Failure, Pain Point, Hot Idea (15 minutes each).
    • You can also ask to be skipped for now or donate your time back to allow others more time.
  • We expect everyone to be open and honest in sharing their constructive input.
  • Contact information for your group members will be shared to you afterwards so you can stay in touch.

My Promise

There is no sales or marketing involved in this huddle. I simply want to make a million connections of entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs all over the world, and these coaches and mentors are helping me do just that. So, although you will be given opportunities and information from the coaches and mentors, the only thing they will be selling you on is the power of the mastermind.

Before You Register

  • You must be willing to commit to the huddle for the entire time. No early-out or late-to-show.
  • If you cannot commit to this, please do not register!
    • These coaches are giving their time freely, even though most bill out at well over $500 per hour.
    • It’s also safe to say, if you no-show, you’re a schmo and you’ll never be invited again. 🙂
  • Be sure you understand that this is an in-person mastermind taking place at ChannelCon 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.
    • Also, you may not be allowed into the meeting room area if you are not a registered attendee of ChannelCon 2019.

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Date(s) - Monday August 05
1:00pm PDT - 2:30pm PDT

Sorry, Bookings are closed for this event.

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