Negotiating For Results


This workshop is focused on setting in place principles for the development of robust negotiation skills. It will provide you with tools to promote effective negotiation communications and give you techniques for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem-solving.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Define negotiation and identify steps for proper negotiation preparation.
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively with different personality styles.
  • Define principled negotiation and identify the four steps in the negotiation process.
  • Learn bargaining techniques and strategies of inventing options for mutual gain, and move negotiations from bargaining to closing.

Target Audience

Business professionals and team members of all levels who are looking to enhance their negotiation and communication skills.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Negotiation
  • Identify the qualities of successful and unsuccessful negotiators
  • Define negotiation and provide examples of when you have negotiated in and outside work
  • Identify a negotiation situation you will practice during class
Module 4: Prepare for Negotiation
  • Identify fears and ” hot buttons ” as well as strategies to overcome them
  • Identify areas to research on your side and on your opponent’s side
  • Define your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiation agreement), WATNA (worst alternative to a negotiation agreement), WAP (walk away point), and ZOPA (zone of possible agreement)
  • Skill practice – Prepare for your personal negotiation situation
Module 7: Handle Opposition
  • Explain strategies to bring your opponent from NO to YES
  • Identify strategies to deal with negative emotions
Module 2: Personality Styles
  • Explain the benefits of knowing personality styles
  • Explain the behaviors as well as the strengths/weaknesses of each personality style
  • Identify your own personality style
  • Identify how to work more effectively with each personality style while negotiating
Module 5: Opening the Negotiation
  • Explain how to create a positive first impression
  • Explain the importance of “small talk” and finding common ground in negotiation
  • Explain how setting ground rules can influence a negotiation
  • Identify important negotiation ground rules
Module 8: Close the Negotiation
  • Explain how to move from bargaining to closing
  • Explain the closing process
  • Practice your personal negotiation situation and get feedback from other participants
Module 3: Negotiation Process
  • Explain how to choose a negotiation strategy based on relationship and results
  • Define positional bargaining
  • Identify the differences between ” Soft” and ” Hard” negotiating
  • Define principled negotiation
  • Identify the four steps in the negotiation process
Module 6: Exchange Information and Bargain
  • Explain how to initially exchange information
  • Identify contingency plans for unfavorable situations
  • Explain bargaining techniques
  • Explain strategies for inventing options for mutual gain

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