Motivational and Inspirational Presentations

Speaking and Presenting

Manuel is available as a speaker, presenter, or trainer for Lunch and Learns, Webinars, Conferences, Seminars, Schools, Colleges, and Training Programs. Having such a wide range of business and personal experience to draw from allows Manuel to effectively present to many audiences. Manuel has his own favorite subjects to speak on, or he can create a presentation tailored to your specific event or audience. If you are already a Coaching Program client, you or your company have access to one professional presentation each month at no additional cost! You can learn more about these great benefits on the Client Only Benefits page. Please feel free to contact Manuel to discuss the details of your event and how he can help make it a success.

Client-Favored Subjects for Presentation

  • Culture and Compass: Cultivating a Successful Company Environment
  • Execution: Success is Mastering the E and the X in Execution
  • Communication Protocol: Standards of Quality Communications
  • Agile Service Delivery - Making Work Flo
  • The Ten Golden Rules of Ticketing Systems
  • Working in Real Time: Stop Losing Money to Bad Habits

Other Subjects of Expertise for Presentation

  • The Inspiration Proclamation - A Shared Life Experience
  • Getting To The Next Level® -The Culture Imperative
  • Getting To The Next Level® - Why Some Make It, Some Don’t, and how You Can
  • Getting To The Next Level® - Defining Your Business Identity
  • Customized Motivation and Inspiration Presentation
  • Business Strategy Development and Management
  • Process and Systems Building and Optimization

Speaking and Presenting Fees

Manuel’s speaking fees are based on the event, subject, venue, and target audience. Manuel is always willing to present for a reduced or waived fee for nonprofit and community organizations, education institutions, or sporting programs. Manuel typically requires transportation, accommodation, and daily expense costs to be covered by the client for venues more than 100 miles (160km) outside his base location. Please see the Coaching Programs page for more details on travel expenditures.

Please feel free to contact Manuel (use the Contact Me page under the Mission tab above) to discuss the details of your event and how he can help make it a success.

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