Getting To The Next Level®
Coaching Program Application

Are You Ready To Step Up?

Are You Ready To
Get To The Next Level?

The 3 easy steps to success start right here.

1) Complete the application & schedule a strategy session
2) Have your 30 minute 1-on-1 strategy session with me
3) Select the coaching program that’s right for you

My Coaching Is For:

1) Those who have decided that they want to get to the next level and know they need some help to accomplish this in the least amount of time with the greatest chance of success.
2) Those who can focus on the strategy we lay out in detail as we move forward.
3) People who will consistently execute on the strategy we have laid out in our sessions.

If this is you, you are definitely in the right place! It all starts with the application to my coaching program and a 30 minute 1-on-1 strategy session to discuss some of the possible solutions and success paths available.

What This Application Is And Is Not:

  • Please know that this is not a sales process, it is a brainstorming session combined with an interview process for both you as the mentee and myself as the coach.
  • I’m not going to try to “sell” you on joining my program or signing up for any of my services. If you’re not ready to focus, follow through, and execute, I don’t want you to waste my time or your money.
  • We’re out to find a good fit for you and for me as a success-focused business team with one goal in mind, to get you and your business to the next level.

Getting to the Next Level® Coaching Program Application

Step 1 of 3 - About Your Business

  • IT Operations/Services, Manufacturing, Food Service, etc.
  • Including Admins, Sales, etc.
  • Full year, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31
  • Full year, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31
  • About how much money are you making or losing every month?
  • About how much money do you think you should be making every month?
  • Tell me what are you ideal goals, what would you like to accomplish, where would you like to be, for the coming quarter, or the coming year?
  • What do you need help with most - What would be the main subject(s) of our strategy session?

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Getting To The Next Level® Strategy Session Scheduling