by Manuel L. Palachuk

Much more than just a handful of important documents that every company must have. It’s also about how to kick start your company’s knowledge management system and to seed a culture of effective quality communications.

When Manuel say “knowledge management system” he mean a company-wide standards and procedures guide, documentation of policies, processes, procedures, checklists, forms, and reports. To kick start this knowledge management system, Palachuk has provided a few of the most important document templates you will need, starting with a checklist template that you will use for everything from new client onboarding to new workstations to archiving users and beyond.

When he says “culture of effective quality communications” he is not just referring to consistent branding of everything that comes out of your company but also the layout format the critical elements of effective communications. To help out here I’ve included some well-written email templates one of which should become your company standard email template.

Here is the breakdown of three very important and related areas this white paper aims to cover:

• Proper and consistent branding of all company documents including and especially emails.

• Knowledge management systems kick start; specifically the core documents used in building all your

quality processes, procedures, checklists, network maps, and presentations.

• Effective quality communications within the company and with everyone outside the company focusing

primarily on one of the most important element; the properly and consistently formatted email template.

Features: Kit includes 13 page white paper, plus 13 document templates - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, and email templates!

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