Ten Golden Rules of PSA Training Webinar

Learn how to double your value to clients and your profit with these powerful Golden Rules of PSA Service Ticket Systems. In this one-hour introductory training webinar, Manuel focuses on the direct connection between your service delivery system, the value you give your clients, and your profit, and how to maximize each. He also gives an overview of Agile Service Delivery, an emerging method you must learn to stay competitive.

Ten Golden Rules of PSA and Service Ticket SystemsWhether you’re a one-person shop or 50, to be consistently profitable, you must have guidelines for how to break down the work in an organized fashion and how you will communicate with the client along the way. You don’t have to be an MSP or even use a PSA to work efficiently and be profitable, but you do need a system and a method. These ten golden rules can be the seed for your own system if you have none, or you can adopt them in whole to enrich your existing methods. Either way, this is your opportunity to take your service delivery and your profits to the next level.

Listen in as Manuel covers this important topic which starts with the unbreakable rules of service tickets and ends with quality communication with every client. It will be time well spent!

This webinar was originally broadcast on November 7th 2013.

This training presentation is an excellent companion to the Working and Tracking Time in Real-time training webinar and whitepaper also available here.

Note: This exclusive presentation has additional slides and commentary not presented in the original online training webinar, based on the input from the Q&A session and the webinar follow-up survey.

Some of the subjects covered include:

• The Ten Golden Rules to ALL Ticket Systems
• Agile Service Delivery Overview
• Working and Tracking Time in Real-time
• Communications Protocol
• Getting Everyone On Board

Here’s what you get!

The video recording of the original training webinar (expanded), the MP3 Audio only file, plus the Slide Deck and the Q&A Follow-up

Content Rating: 5 Star

Content Type: Interactive Training Webinar Session – Video with Mono audio and no background noise

Content Format: MP4 Video, MP3 Audio, PDF Slide Deck and Q&A Follow-up

Run Time: 1:01:27

Download Size: Approximately 108 MB zip file

Here’s what others are saying about this training presentation:

“This is a productive hour of work focused concisely on developing inefficiencies in managed service operations. No wasted time, no fluff, lots of insight. It left me wanting another couple of hours, at least.” - William Schubert

“Excellent presentation with lots of great information. I highly recommend attending if you want to improve your service delivery processes.” - Geoff Anderson

“The presentation provided specific, ready-to-implement rules that will help me run my business more efficiently and make me more money.” - Jason Leib

“These rules were both challenging and validating at the same time. Thank you for providing a clear “road map” to creating and improving our Service Delivery!” - Mark Glowacz

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