Team Profile

The Team Profile is comprised of the following tools:
Team Profile

o Personal Profiles + DiSC Assessments

o Core Competency Matrix

The Team Profile is designed to help Manuel become familiar with the inner workings of the team and to provide perspective for everyone involved of the challenges the team is facing.

Personal Profiles are performed for each of the key team members and are comprised of a DiSC Assessment and a questionnaire. The assessment and questionnaire are designed to allow Manuel to become familiar with an individual as well as help the team gain important insight into each other.

A Core Competency Matrix is a spreadsheet detailing Key Members of the team, Core Competencies the team supports, Key Technologies the team utilizes, and the Key Clients the team serves. The Core Competency Matrix clarifies the mastery and depth of coverage for those things that are most important to the company and the client.

All profile components are combined and the team liaison is invited to a lunch session. At lunch, your liaison and Manuel will go over everything to get in tune and up to speed on whatever is relevant to your team and begin building the Roadmap to Success.

A Team Profile is not required before coaching can begin for your team, but it is highly recommended because of the great benefits. Without the profile, focus can be very hard to attain and many of the beginning Coaching Sessions tend to be more discovery than productivity. Conversely, by performing the Team Profile, every following coaching session can be closer to 100% workout and less about becoming acquainted with your team.


Team Profile includes:

o Personal Profiles
o Core Competency Matrix
o First 5 DiSC Assessments for key personnel

Please Note: Once ordered, we will personally contact you to initiate the scheduling of Meetings and assignment of Profiles to your people.

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