by Manuel L. Palachuk

If you think process control has no place in our industry, nothing could be further from the truth and the presenter clearly details where it does in fact fit. From the ROI of Process Control to getting everyone on board, this presentation lays out the path to success for building a culture of quality refinement in any size company. If you want to have any hope at making order out of chaos in your company you must start here.

This presentation could easily be expanded and broken into five or more individual presentations based on the importance of the subjects covered. As with many of Manuel’s presentations you will find he is high energy and passionate about the subject but in this particular presentation, you may find you need to listen to it on half speed to take it all in!

This presentation was originally provided as content for the South Florida IT Pro Camp, July 2013.

Some of the subjects covered include:

• The ROI Of Process Control For Your Company
• The Basics Of Process Control
• Standards, Procedures, and Processes
• Components Of A Quality Project Process
• Document Your Processes
• Training Your Team
• Exactly Where To Start
• How To Get Everyone On Board
• How To Apply Process Control To Any Size Project

Here’s what you get!

The audio recording of the original presentation Plus the Slide Deck.

Content Rating: 5 Star

Content Type: Interactive Webinar – Mono recording with some background noise

Content Format: MP3 Audio, PDF Slide Deck

Run Time: 59:14

Download Size: Approximately 26MB Zip file

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