The Personal Profile is comprised of the following tools:

o DiSC Assessment

Depending on your goals and desired direction, this can be an extremely important tool in building your Roadmap to Success and progressing along it. The first step is to provide a personalized DiSC Assessment that will increase your self-knowledge about how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems.

Next is a questionnaire designed to help Manuel become familiar with your personal likes, dislikes, interests, and much more, including the possibility of gaining a better insight of your current self. Finally, you have a lunch session with Manuel to go over everything and get in tune and up to speed on what is relevant to building your Roadmap to Success. By performing a Personal Profile, every following coaching session can be closer to 100% workout and less about becoming acquainted.

Includes: Single DiSC Assessment

Please Note: Once ordered, we will personally contact you to initiate the scheduling of Meetings and assignment of Profiles to your people.

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