Complete Business Analysis

The Complete Business Analysis is comprised of the following tools:

o SWOT AnalysisThe Complete Business Analysis

Business Profile

Personal Profiles

DiSC Assessments

Customer Service Profiles

Cognitive Aptitude Test

Employee Personality Profiles

Financial Vital Signs Report

o Roadmap for Success

Pyramid of Purpose and Value

Strategy Map Initiation

Core Competency Matrix

Balanced Scorecard Initiation

Getting To The Next Level® Agile Business Strategy Portal

The Complete Business Analysis is designed to build a concise understanding of the entire business and to begin constructing both the Pyramid of Purpose & Value and  the detailed Roadmap to Success for the organization. Along the way, Manuel will become very familiar with the key people and inner workings of the organization, and everyone involved will gain important perspective of the opportunities and challenges the organization is facing.

There are basically five components to the entire Business Analysis

  • The initial collection of data from all sources - Most of this is done with the exception of the SWOT workbook which should be collaborated on with the leadership team as needed.
  • Day one of two (on site) where Manuel gets acquainted with company and key people and discusses and completes the collection of data.
  • Day two of two (off site) where Manuel collaborates with the owners and leadership team to initiate the Roadmap for Success.
  • The follow-on access to Manuel as the team completes the development of the Roadmap for Success components.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A SWOT Analysis is a comprehensive discovery, organization, and presentation of the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable as related to the achievement of the company’s purpose.

A Business Profile is a questionnaire focusing on many areas of the company, including Business Plan, Finance, Service, and Procedures, to name just a few. The Business Profile is designed to develop an accurate perspective of the true condition and health of the inner workings of the business.

Personal Profiles are a questionnaire designed to allow Manuel to become familiar with an individual and gather some of their views on the organization. These Personal Profiles are usually held confidential to only top-level management.

DiSC Assessments, Customer Service Profiles, Cognitive Aptitude Tests, and Employee Personality Profiles can also be administered to everyone from the top level to the ground level, as required. These assessments and profiles can even help the team gain important insights into each other.

The Corelytics Financial Vital Signs Report™ is available to help identify which areas of your business are fine and which need some help. This report allows us to spot your Top 3 focus areas and is invaluable when assessing the business overall. This tool is an exclusive product provided by Corelytics™, the leading Financial Dashboard to help you manage your business; Manuel is a Corelytics™ Certified Small Business Adviser.

The Roadmap to Success takes everything revealed by the SWOT and begins to distill it down and organize it into short, medium, and long-term strategies and initiatives that can be executed on. Not everything in the Roadmap to Success will be fully clarified or detailed beyond the layout of basic strategies and initiatives in the first pass at building it out. Subsequent company stakeholder meetings will continue to add detail and clarity until the Roadmap to Success is complete, and ensure it is maintained. Manuel will make himself available for several weeks beyond the onsite meeting to help further the development.

The Strategy Map is a simple diagram used to document the primary strategies and goals that will be pursued by the business once they have been identified by the SWOT, clarified in the Roadmap to Success. The Strategy Map is to be shared with all levels of the company because it is the graphical representation of the clear path to success that everyone in the business is following in order to achieve the vision of the organization.

A Core Competency Matrix is a spreadsheet detailing Key Personnel of the organization, Core Competencies the organization supports, Key Technologies the organization utilizes, and the Key Clients the organization serves. The Core Competency Matrix clarifies the mastery and depth of coverage for those things most important to the company and the client.

The Balanced Scorecard is an effective strategy execution framework designed to help an organization articulate metrics and strategy in actionable terms. The Balanced Scorecard typically focuses on the top three goals for each of the four specific Business Perspectives: Finance, Customer, Process, and Learning & Development. The top three goals are determined by the SWOT and the Roadmap to Success, and they must have an associated metric that allows measurement of progress.

This custom Agile Strategy Collaboration Portal allows you to out your entire business strategy and their initiatives aligned to each of ten Value Aspects of your organization in a unique way that allows true agile strategy execution. You can read more about it here: Getting To The Next Level® Agile Strategy Collaboration Portal

Once all of the profiles are completed and analysis data compiled, the organization liaison will work directly with Manuel to identify the metrics, goals, objectives, and strategies that feed the Roadmap to Success, the Strategy Map, and Balanced Scorecard. The entire process can take anywhere from days to weeks, a timeframe that is largely dependent on the timeliness of the client company in completing required tasks. The level of detail and the quality of the resulting Roadmap to Success, Strategy Map, and Balanced Scorecard will be directly proportional to the effort invested by the client company.

A Complete Business Analysis is not required before coaching can begin for an entire organization, however, there are great benefits to performing one before beginning your coaching program with Manuel. With the Complete Business Analysis, everyone involved has an accurate perspective of the true condition and health of the inner workings of the business. Additionally, Manuel is completely familiar with your company, team, and your Roadmap to Success. A Complete Business Analysis is required if the business is considering a merger, acquisition, seeking venture capital, or when the company is in need of complete turnaround to stay alive.


Complete Business Analysis includes:

o All the hours required to complete the analysis (must be completed within 30 days)
o SWOT Analysis
o Business Profile
o Personal Profiles
o Customer Service Profiles
o Cognitive Aptitude Test
o Employee Personality Profiles
o Corelytics Financial Vital Signs Report™
o Roadmap for Success
o Pyramid of Purpose and Value
o Strategy Map
o Core Competency Matrix
o Balanced Scorecard
o First 5 DiSC Assessments for key personnel
o Two-day onsite with Manuel to distill, collaborate, and develop

Note: The travel expenses for Manuel to participate in the two-day on/off-site is not covered in the cost of this pricing. Please see the
Coaching Programs page for details on Manuel’s compulsory travel expenditures.

Please Note: Once ordered, we will personally contact you to initiate the scheduling of Meetings and assignment of Profiles to your people.

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