Common Issue Best Practice Matrix

We must learn to collect specific information about common issues in order to evaluate clearly how best to approach the work so that we can be highly efficient. If we know how long these common issues take, and we decide the best first attempt at addressing them (and we also set thresholds on when to escalate), we can significantly increase the overall team efficiency. What’s more, it allows us to quickly train new techs on the escalation process of our service delivery.

This white paper gives you a simple framework to use that allows your entire team to crowd-source the most important data about common issues. It allows you to track common issues, their escalation thresholds, skill required, best practices, and even the top most likely solutions to try based on the team’s previous experience, and how to handle them. As the spreadsheet grows, so does the “best practices” or “highest likelihood” of success solutions being tracked for the most common issues.

Common Issue Best Practice White PaperThe spreadsheet is accompanied by a straightforward explainer video which shows you how to get in and around the Common Issues Best Practice Matrix spreadsheet. It includes the slide call-out and time stamp of the start of each slide. The White Paper is basically the complete transcript of the video for reference.

Note: This white paper is only one part of the complete Agile Service Delivery Master Class training course. Tap into the wisdom of the author who has turned service delivery systems around for many companies, and who can help you do the same for yours.

Some of the subjects covered include:

• Why Track Common Issues?
• Defining Skill Levels Required
• Defining Best Guess and Preferred Resolution Paths
• Escalation Thresholds
• Resolution Thresholds

Here’s what you get!
The Excel spreadsheet, Explainer video, Ripped audio, White Paper (transcript), and the Slide Deck
Content Rating: 5 Star
Content Type: Spreadsheet and Explainer Video
Content Format: Excel Spreadsheet, MP4 Video, MP3 Audio, PDF Slide Deck, PDF White Paper
Audio and video Run Time: 19:46
Download Size: Approximately 111 MB zip file

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