Short Story

Compass Cross-check

As I’m writing my book Getting To The Next Level and rounding out the chapter on this thing I call the organization Compass, I put together an anecdote to help drive home the importance of getting it right. Besides being a sneak peek at more of the book before it releases, it’s a great compass cross-check everyone should read. Here it is:

In my book Getting To The Next Level, I cover a lot of ground in the discussion of the Compass segment of the Pyramid of Purpose and Value. I try to make it clear how the three levels – Products and Services, Target Market, and Operating Systems – combine to determine the direction in which the organization is going. They make up the compass and point where we are going as an organization. They determine who we will partner with and who we will build our relationships with.

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Take Time In Your Life For Inspiration

I met Scott Mallet in January of 2011 at introduction from my brother Karl. My girlfriend Laura and I had driven five hours from St. Petersburg, Florida to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with Karl as he was in town a few days for an event. While Karl was telling me how happy he was to be in Ft. Lauderdale because his buddy Scott lives there, he mentioned Scott was a SCUBA diver. SCUBA is near and dear to my heart. One of the main reasons I moved to Florida was so I could sail and dive. I got excited because Karl told me that Scott dives almost every weekend. Sounds good to me! I gotta get hooked up with this guy.

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