A Resistance Training Tip

I usually blog about things that are directly related to running your business, but I do have things related to exercise, relaxation, motivation, and just good old inspiration I’d like to share from time to time. Well, it’s that time. 🙂

I make it a point to eat right and exercise regularly to stay in shape and because I’d like to live to be 100 or so. I know very well that I won’t live that long, but I would do well to take care of this vessel as best as I can. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to jog and I practice marital arts. Well, I recently took up a practice that I really enjoy and it’s fantastic for both of these two passions.

One Eye Always On The Stock Market

If you’re a small business, including sole proprietors, there is a bit of global information that you may not realize is actually very important to your business – it’s the US Stock Market. Now, if you’re in China, Japan, India or the UK and you only do business inside your own country, you should certainly keep an eye on your country’s primary stock market. But until there is a significant shift in the largest economies currently in play, the US Market is the leading indicator of things to come.

The Business Maturity Index™ – Gauging Your Success

The Business Maturity Index™ – Gauging Your Success

I do believe that any business needs a way to benchmark its overall maturity and I do not believe it is necessary for it to be relative to any other business. Of course if the measuring system you select can in fact help gauge your maturity relative to other businesses, especially if they are similar yours, then of course this can be a nice additional feature. But it all starts with the empirical question: Are we actually maturing as an organization? Its fair enough to say that if we can actually answer this question in any substantial way, the very next question will in fact be: How mature are we compared to other companies that do what we do? This then is where that previously mentioned “nice additional feature” comes in.

Business Agile Strategy Execution Defined

When it comes to the execution on the strategy you’ve laid out for your business, the old methods are sorely lacking in many ways. Much like the waterfall method of project management brought about the advent of agile project management, it’s time for a paradigm shift for business strategy execution, and it just so happens that “agile” is the new keyword here too.

Has Your SBS “Reality Check” Bounced?

By now, most everyone knows that last week (just ahead of the World Wide Partner Conference), Microsoft announced the end of life for their Small Business Server product line. And last year, Microsoft announced the demise of the Small Business Specialist Certification. In near lockstep with each of these announcements, Microsoft named the successor offerings. SBS is replaced by Server 2012 Essentials and the Small Business Specialist Certification is superseded by the new Small Business Competency.