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What Others Are Saying About Manuel’s Getting To The Next Level® Coaching

"I have no doubt that Manuel can manage anything you put in front of him and will be a great asset in many ways."

- Dr. Paul McWhirter, MD

"We're using Manuel's Agile Service Delivery process to take care of our customers in a logical, systematized and orderly fashion, and it is making all the difference."

- Jason R. Etheridge

"What differentiates Manny from other Coaches is the fact that he's hands on with implementation and execution."

- Patrick Eloi

"When Manuel told me that one day I would fire a client, I thought he was nuts. But I felt good after firing my first client. You can't serve everyone, and some clients are holding you back without you even knowing it."

- Philipp Bauman

"(Manuel's) confidence and clarity is electrifying and contagious! He is able to help you open your mind's eye to see a greater vision, one that you are soon able to shape and mold into your own vision."

- Robin Galley

Jason R. Etheridge, President, Logic Speak

“Working with Manuel has been business-changing and far exceeded my expectations. He isn’t lying when he says he takes you to the gym. My head muscle hurts (in a good way)!

The MPI Getting to the Next Level program has completely changed our service delivery process. We no longer are stressed out, chasing our tails and worried about the next customer service challenge. We’re using Manuel’s Agile Service Delivery process to take care of our customers in a logical, systematized and orderly fashion, and it is making all the difference. I get to sleep easier at night, thanks to Manuel.
Jason R. Etheridge

The biggest benefit to using Manuel for business coaching is that he doesn’t just teach from a book. He has been there. He’s managed an IT services business and his solutions are tried and true. Manuel’s deep understanding of our industry and my business were absolutely critical to our success. As Manuel likes to say, he guarantees that there will be skinned knees and hurt feelings. There always are when making changes that are worth it. But he lived up to his promise that if we all stuck with it, it would be worth it. My team and I all agree – he was absolutely right!

Because of Manuel’s Agile Service Delivery methodology, we are finally going to be able to reliably scale and grow our company without having our growth implode on itself. We are acquiring another company in our area, and one of the first things we’re going to do is ‘take them to the gym’ – the Agile Service Delivery process gym.

Before Manuel, we thought we were pretty good at tracking our time. We were awful. In fact, we didn’t even think it was possible to do so. Not only did Manuel’s Working and Tracking Time in Real-Time process make sense, but it explained in perfect detail exactly how to do it, so we were left with no excuses! Give Manuel a try. His personality, no-nonsense attitude and unparalleled years of experience make for a winning combination for any IT company looking to get to the next level. We are so glad we found Manuel and can’t wait to see what the next level holds!”

Mike Ita, CEO & Founder, IT Corps

“The difference Manuel has made to my personal life, team, and organization in the short time working with him has been immeasurable. I knew who he was before we started working together, but didn’t realize he was on a mission to help other people succeed and form cohesive groups that fed off each other contributing to each other’s successes.
Mike Ita

Manuel has a genuine passion to take your ideal vision, combine it with his experience, and produce a polished product. His methods are proven and when applied properly, you can only yield a positive outcome. Actually to be fair, Manuel chose me for coaching. I was lucky enough to be invited to the first Mastermind Meeting, which was exactly what I have been looking for in connecting with people in this industry. I definitely was in the right place at the right time that night.

The best piece of advice Manuel gave to me had nothing to do with our business relationship. He heard my mom was going through some tough times medically, and he called me out of concern to offer some of his personal advice. When we all get deeply engrained in our work, it’s easy to overlook everyone around you, especially family. Manuel wanted to make sure that I was taking time for the important things around me, which is ok. It’s pretty awesome when someone that is your business coach looks past the “business” side of things and cares about the person he’s working with. I truly appreciated that call from him and can only say Thank You! It’s nice to know there are people out there like Manuel.

Manuel is thorough, consistent, and always has a great perspective on whatever change you need to make to your business. He also has no problem busting your balls when you are making a blatant mistake. I think it’s extremely important to continue working with Manuel as I progress down this long and winding road of running my business.

I have learned that one person doesn’t have all the answers, especially when you own your own company. Having Manuel in my corner has significantly improved the path I walk, and continuing to learn from him can only further contribute to my success and growth.

Would I recommend Manuel to a friend or business associate? I do all the time!”

John Verbrugge, President, Nonlinear Tech Inc

John Verbrugge
“Manuel is direct and clear. He stands by his advice and recommendations. There’s never any guessing as to what he means or what I should do. Manuel provided solid business advice in the IT service provider field. He had not only the business coaching, but the specifics for my industry. It’s rare to find someone who has both.

Manuel understands the IT service provider industry, having been in the industry for many years. He knows the struggles, and he knows the solutions that work. When things were difficult, Manuel helped me understand that there was a clear path to success. Sometimes the best thing a coach can do is help you see that things are going to turn out OK. Manuel did that for me.

With Manuel’s Ten Golden Rules of PSA, I now understand the ‘gold standard’ of running an IT service business. I’m not there yet, but I can see the goal clearly. I have recommended Manuel to several of my IT service provider colleagues, and will continue to do so.”

David Moadab, CEO, Solutions Squad Inc.

David Moadab“I had joined a Microsoft networking event and after the first few meetings, I began to notice a pattern: The most successful members seemed to have a common denominator, Manuel. This is what made me choose Manuel for coaching. Before working with Manuel, we were a small break-fix company and comfortable staying that way. At this point, we are an emerging MSP with absolute confidence in rapid growth and exponential expansion with a clear path.

Of all the benefits of Manuel’s coaching, the personal relationship is the most important to me. Manuel is my business coach, but at no time does it feel like it’s business only. It’s more of a personal relationship that improves my business. When we initially started working together and were working on setting a time, I stated to Manuel that if I received a phone call during our meeting, I would need to answer it. He asked me why and I let him know that if I get a call, it is important and I must respond. He again asked why, I let him know because of my SLA. He asked what my SLA was and I stated 4 hours on average. It was at this point that he pointed out and made me realize such a basic thing I had been missing for 8 years. When a call comes in, I have 4 hours to respond. I don’t need to get stressed, distracted or go crazy, but simply manage my time and respond. This was actually a turning point in both the relationship and in my business mindset.

Before working with Manuel, we had not even heard of the concept of working and tracking time in real-time, which led to lost revenue from late billing, or even worse, forgetting to bill for work performed. I feel that working with Manuel is an absolute and critical part of our company’s future, survival and growth. Manuel is an undiscovered gem in the rough. When the world discovers him and realizes his values, both in business and in life, he will be in extremely high demand and I hope still available to the little guys.

What makes Manuel different is he is not just your coach, or your friend. He is everyone’s friend and works hard at putting like-minded people together to encourage growth and learning. I would and absolutely have recommended Manuel to others because of the value he brings to not just the company, but the people. He doesn’t just help you run your business, he helps you get the spark back and enjoy your work.”

Philipp Baumann, President, Boom Tech, Inc.

“When I engaged with Manuel, my business was at a very bad point. We were not providing good service to our customers. Every tech did things differently, and we had a cowboy lead technician that was causing more harm than good and a system that was not scalable. Thanks to Manuel’s new work flow process and his encouragement, we have revamped our service delivery 180 degrees and replaced bad talent with new great talent. Without Manuel’s help and coaching, I would not have been able to transform my business for the better.

Philipp Baumann Manuel’s experience in the IT industry and small business is what has made the difference to our team. His advice and tools are practical and customized for our industry and size, not based on a Fortune 500 company. That’s priceless. His coaching has created a feeling of great enthusiasm and team togetherness that was not there before he started working with us.

Manuel is providing us with the tools to be ready to increase our business exponentially. His coaching provides a streamline approach to growth. Additionally, Manuel’s coaching has benefited us by providing a lot of wonderful, helpful and well-constructed templates for everything! If you’re considering using Manuel’s coaching, my advice would be, “What are you waiting for? GIVE HIM A CALL!”

Patrick Eloi, Owner and General Manager, Complete Care IT

“The CCIT staff has responded well to Manny’s coaching because they can see the improvement in our day to day process. The training emphasizes the need for our technical staff to document and function as a team as opposed to each tech working as an individual. Manny’s coaching has definitely united our team and as a result we are more efficient.

Patrick EloiCCIT’s business process has been simplified to allow our technical staff to be more productive by improving on communication with customers and internally as well. Better communication eliminates confusion as to what needs to be done and how CCIT performs a particular task. Less confusion more process leads to a happier more productive work environment for the entire staff.

As a business owner, having an experienced Coach like Manny to provide guidance, advice, and training to our staff is simply invaluable. Manny is an individual with the Coaching skills, knowledge, and experience to assist a business owner like myself to help grow their business.

What differentiates Manny from other Coaches is the fact that he’s hands on with implementation and execution. He’s simply not just another Coach on the sideline barking out what needs to be done! He’s become part of our staff by assisting with implementation and execution. He’s also my personal advisor.”

Robin Galley, Assistant Vice President, Golden Pacific Bank

“Manuel’s coaching has made a tremendous difference in my life as a whole. Before I met Manual, I did not see myself as someone who was in control of my career. His coaching has not only allowed me to see how I am in control, but also the importance of playing a proactive visionary role in every aspect of my life. I feel more self-confident and certain of my capabilities after applying his main techniques. They are fairly simple to learn and easy to duplicate. You just have to want the success for yourself and act.

Robin Galley I am excited about my future because Manuel’s coaching has allowed me to trust in my own abilities. He has given me the tools which allow me to prioritize my workflow, which brings greater efficiencies to my daily processes, and frees up valuable time to be spent on the most important tasks. This simple, but highly effective approach is critical for any position I may hold in a company. Knowing I have the skills and confidence to be successful in anything I put my mind to has given me the freedom to not only look forward to my future, but to also feel that while I may not know exactly what the future holds for me, I know I will be successful.

Manuel is highly efficient and easy to talk to. The energy that he puts into each session seems endless and his passion for mentoring shows. His confidence and clarity is electrifying and contagious! He is able to help you open your mind’s eye to see a greater vision, one that you are soon able to shape and mold into your own vision. I have never come across another mentor with the same energy and passion as Manuel.”

Stephen H. Watkins, Sr., Owner, S.H. Watkins and Associates

Stephen H. Watkins Sr.“It is most important to note that Manuel truly understands every aspect of our business and our product. There is no doubt that his experience in the service industry has helped us put together many of our best processes in much less time than if were had continued on our own.

I have found Manny’s organizational and project management skills are above average due to his tendency to ‘sweat the little things’. He is very detail oriented. He has coordinated and managed a number of software development, system migrations and roll-outs projects for my company in the past, always on time and always as expected.

Speaking from firsthand experience I must say that his methods and processes are second to none. I would highly endorse his engagement on any level. Thanks Manuel”