The Network Migration Workbook

Zero Downtime Migration Strategies for Microsoft Networks

2nd Edition

Let’s be honest, anyone can perform a network migration WITH downtime. You simply kick everyone off the system, put the client out of business for some period of time, and push through until you’re done. Without downtime is another story.

Network Migration Workbook Out of PrintWithout downtime . . .

  • You can do network migrations during the workweek
  • The client doesn’t have to ever send people home because of you
  • You can work when third-party support is available
  • You don’t have to pay overtime… and neither does the client
  • You look like a hero!

The Second Edition includes the complete checklist for SBS 2011!

Zero Downtime Migrations Are Not Easy — But They Are Manageable.

ZDTMs require only a few key skills. First, you need to be a good project manager. For SMB projects, this is a skill you can learn very quickly. Second, you need a very thorough and complete checklist. You need to be able to manage the project while one of your technicians executes the project. Third, you need a process that is repeatable and profitable. That means staying inside the scope of work.

It also means you have to quote the job properly! At more than 530 pages, The Network Migration Workbook gives you everything you need. 

We start with a discussion of the entire process so you see the big picture. We talk about the scope of work and how critical it is to your internal processes and your relationship with the client. Next, we introduce the pre-discovery process. That means making a list of all the things you need to discover so you really understand the project. After the pre-discovery is complete, you can quote the project. We lay out a process based on 10+ years of SBS Migration experience. We divide the migration into seven distinction stages. We show you how to estimate the labor required for each stage, so you can always create a quote that’s exactly suited for each client. Those seven stages become seven service requests. You and the client agree on everything. As you finish each stage, you track every minute of every job. ALL work is inside the scope of the project.

If it’s not inside the scope, then it must be outside the scope. In that case, you create a new service request that’s billable. The client agrees because they’ve bought in from the beginning. Now you’ve delivered your migration project on time and inside the budget. All other work is outside the scope of the migration project and therefore billable. Don’t worry. We show you how to complete every piece of this process. We give you every Excel spreadsheet, the wording for the service requests, and click-by-click every keystroke it takes to deliver a migration with zero downtime.

For more information and to purchase your copy, visit:  www.networkmigrationworkbook.com

Note:  Hardcopy version no longer available. E-version only.

what others are saying about this workbook:
“Awesome. Has to be the BEST investment I made in my business in the last 18 months. Better still, updates get made available so I don’t have to keep buying it.” - Rob Franklin, Technical Head of JPT Solutions, Nottingham, UK

“Karl and Manuel have done an excellent job compiling their business and technical procedures into a series of checklists. The checklists are awesome. The beauty of this book though, is the fact that they also took the time to explain in great depth why things are done in the order they are done. The explanations found in the chapters that precede the actual checklists should be mandatory reading for anyone aspiring to build their own I.T. business and anyone employed in the industry.” -Philip Elder, MCTS, Microsoft SBS MVP Author: Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint

“As anyone who has read the e-Myth books knows, the key to a successful business is standardization (that’s how all the big retail franchises work). The key to standardization is documentation. Karl P. first gave the SMB IT consultant space the framework for that with his Network Documentation book a few years ago. The Network Migration Workbook not only includes updated forms from that book plus detailed information on how to plan and execute a profitable migration project conducted solely during business hours and with zero downtime to the customer’s production environment.

“Manuel P. adds the technical information to make sure that the customer’s network is always operational and that you always have a fail-safe way to roll back to the original configuration if there are any problems whatsoever. You should be able to recoup the price of this book easily in the first project in which you follow this book’s checklists. If you religiously follow his ‘Document Everything Every Time’ mantra, you will instantly have a successful SMB IT consultancy.” - Roy Dodd, Quality Systems Solutions, Inc., Carpentersville, IL

To purchase your digital copy, visit:

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