The Pyramid of Purpose and Value

The Pyramid of Purpose and Value

I’ve been meaning to blog about this thing I call the Pyramid of Purpose and Value for the longest time. Well, I ended up writing about it extensively in my book Getting To The Next Level, so I’m taking advantage of that and posting the introduction to the Pyramid directly from Chapter 1, What Does The Next Level Look Like? Here is the excerpt:

Strategy planning and execution on the planned strategy are what will ultimately determine the success of any business. An essential component of execution is the ability to effectively convey the structure of the organization and the planned strategy. For if the structure and the strategy don’t make sense, or are not properly communicated to everyone involved, no matter what level of the organization they are at, they won’t know where the organization is going or how they are to help it get there.

Defining the Human Element

By my definition, it is the most valuable intangible asset of any organization. The Human Element is the actuator, custodian, and perpetuator of the organization’s culture. It is the single most powerful determinant of success for a healthy and viable business. Only with a healthy company culture can an organization truly focus on next level innovation.

Let me explain and clarify the Human Element. In business, people are considered resources because they are in fact the brains and the brawn of the operation. In today’s global industries, brawn means everything from the ones assembling the robots to the ones programming and oiling them. We have a ways to go before there is no more heavy lifting whatsoever required in making a business run. The business function that deals with managing the recruitment, pay and discharging, etc. of people is formally called Human Resources. The Human Element is the innate skills, talent, emotion, drive and culture that only come from humans. The Human Element is what gives the organization’s Values meaning and it is the driving force that makes the Mission valid.