Tapping Into The Marketing Development Fund

Have you ever wanted to put on a small event to showcase or show off your product or services but just don’t have the budget? Then you should know about what is called the Marketing Development Fund or MDF for short. It is the term used for funds available from vendors and partners of products and services for the purpose of helping you market their products and services. Why would they do this? Pretty simple – if they can help you sell more of their products and services and gain themselves more exposure and recognition, well that has value.

Help Desk, Service Desk or Call Center – Which is it?

Are you running a help desk, service desk or a call center? And do you know the difference? I find it odd that so many small companies try to run some version of a help desk as if they had infinite technical resources like a call center. They say, “We want a real person to answer the phone when the client calls and it must be within four or five rings.” They have a tech or engineer answer the phone and get tied up for who knows how long, forsaking all they had been focusing on the minute before and completely interrupt driven. C’mon, you have three people working for you and twenty-five clients with over one hundred (if not hundreds of) users combined. A call center can answer the phone on the third ring and provide never-ending support, you cannot. So stop trying to. Figure out what your capability is and competencies are and map out a strategy that works.