Has Your SBS “Reality Check” Bounced?

By now, most everyone knows that last week (just ahead of the World Wide Partner Conference), Microsoft announced the end of life for their Small Business Server product line. And last year, Microsoft announced the demise of the Small Business Specialist Certification. In near lockstep with each of these announcements, Microsoft named the successor offerings. SBS is replaced by Server 2012 Essentials and the Small Business Specialist Certification is superseded by the new Small Business Competency.

Establish a Communication Protocol

Communication is arguably the most important skill you can have in life and in business. If you can communicate with different people, on different levels, and in different languages, you are what helps build bridges and tie people together. This is true in your personal life, your business and in the world. And in today’s online society, communication skills are even more important. I intend to address the basics here.