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I deliver powerful presentations on a variety of subjects mostly related to Business Strategy, Organization Culture, Motivational, Inspiration, and the Agile Service Delivery Process.


I provide Getting To The Next Level® Coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations with only one goal in mind: Taking you and your business to the top!


I provide workshops and courses on Business Strategy, Leadership, Team Building, Service Process, and Agile Service Delivery, in addition to customized content specific to your needs.


Through comprehensive individual and team profiles, business analysis, and close collaboration, we can more easily formulate the big picture necessary to develop a truly winning business strategy.

No hidden fees, absolutely free of charge!


Getting To The Next Level®

What Difference Can Having Manuel On Your Side Make For Your Business?


My Clients Make The Cover of Industry Magazines

From going vertical in their industry, to changing their service delivery process over to Agile methods, to refining their organizational culture, the people I help all over the world set themselves apart from their competition in ways they never imagined. And you can too!

“Manuel understands my business.


That’s how he is able to prescribe his formula and develop seemingly endless solutions for problems and opportunities that crop up along the way. I’ve always known that a successful business doesn’t just happen – it occurs by design, and Manuel’s Getting To The Next Level® process is the formula for that.”

Schyler Jones, Owner, MiradorIT LLC

“As a business owner, having an experienced coach like Manuel to provide guidance, advice, and training to our staff is simply invaluable.

Manuel is hands-on with implementation and execution. The training emphasizes the need for our technical staff to document and function as a team as opposed to each tech working as an individual.”

Patrick Eloi, Owner & General Manager, Complete Care IT

“Manuel cared about me and my business, and he always put the interests of my business first, even when it didn’t align with his own interests.

That gave me a sense of comfort in knowing the advice that he gave would always benefit me. Would I recommend Manuel and his services? Yes!!!!”

Ahsun Saleem, President, Simplegrid Technology Inc.

“Adopting Manuel's Agile Service Delivery process has definitely changed our ability to service our clients more effectively.

The whole agile workflow mindset made so much sense to us, it was easy to transition. We would never consider going back to the old ways, it was chaos in comparison.”

Mike Ita, President, IT Corps

“Manuel is so much more than a coach. If you own or manage an MSP, you need to talk with him.


His extensive experience and unique system takes your business and draws a picture. The picture starts with what your business looks like today, and how it will look when you reach your goal. It really is an amazing approach that forces you to think about details you currently take for granted.”

Rayanne Buchianico, Owner, ABC Solutions

“Agile Service Delivery has transformed our business. We would never go back to stack and run!


The more we push the envelope for response times and customer satisfaction, the more we push to become more agile. It is one of our biggest competitive advantages.”

Jason R. Etheridge, President, Logic Speak

“We've been working with Manuel for over 6 years as early adopters of his Agile Service Delivery methodology.


It has definitely given us a competitive edge in our market, and we can’t imagine changing back to hard scheduling and assigning tickets to everyone.”

Philipp Baumann, President, BoomTech

“Manuel is rigorous, process focused, and genuinely cares about his clients and individuals and their businesses as a whole.


I would recommend Manuel to anyone looking to get a solid understanding of Agile methodology in an I.T. Practice and looking to understand their business strategy.”

Josh Weiss, President & Founder, L.A. Creative Technologies


Client Exclusive Benefits

Getting To The Next Level® Agile Strategy Collaboration Portal

This custom Agile Strategy Collaboration Portal allows you to define your business from the top down and then execute to build it from the bottom up.

  • The Entire Team Can Collaborate
  • Unlimited Number of Strategies
  • Score Your Initiatives and Strategies

Focus On Finance Monthly Strategy Sessions

No matter who’s on your accounting and finance team, time spent with your business coach focusing on both short and long-term goals and landmarks is an important perspective.

  • Monthly Trending of Critical Financial Numbers
  • Tracking of Client Effective Hourly Rate
  • Drive Your Revenue Goals, Don’t Just Watch Them!

Key Personnel Selection Assistance Plus Pre-hire Assessments

Manuel believes strongly in the axiom: First who, then what. You must have the right people working for you in the right positions, and then you can begin to plan what you will do and the steps to success.


  • Talent Pool Psychographics and Assessments
  • Core Competency Matrix for Employee Roadmapping
  • Key Position Interviewing and Consulting


What My Clients Are Saying!

“Manuel is a black belt at building and sustaining a true proactive service delivery model. He works to build and change cultures within organizations. Manuel showed us how to pick the right people, processes, and tools for our organization.”

Jon Sastre

United Data Technologies

“Manuel has helped simplify some of our business processes, which helped streamline our business, especially from an operational perspective. He always stressed the fundamentals – understand what your core competencies are and build around that.”

Ahsun Saleem

Simplegrid Technology Inc.

“Before working with Manuel, our company wasn’t even close to working and tracking time in real-time. By applying a combination of Manuel’s coaching strategies, we turned around an annual loss of around £10K to a profit of £6K.”

Steve Bootes

Computing Dynamics Ltd.

“As a business owner, having an experienced coach like Manuel to provide guidance, advice, and training to our staff is simply invaluable. The CCIT staff has responded well to Manuel’s coaching because they can see the improvement in our day-to-day process.”

Patrick Eloi

Complete Care IT

“Manuel’s encouragement and insight have led me in directions I hadn’t considered before. Thanks to Manuel’s guidance, my gross revenues for 2018 YTD are up more than 40% over 2017.”

Ken Dwight

The Virus Doctor

“Manuel Palachuk will take your MSP to a whole new level! The ability to turn our service desk into an Agile machine has been invaluable. Manuel is delivering on his promise to transform our MSP to a world class scalable organization.”

Robert Paradise

Attain Technology Inc.


The Most Innovative Success Tools Available!

I will help you design your business from the top down and then build it from the bottom up by following my proven Getting To The Next Level® trademarked tools and methods.

Let’s Get You To The Next Level!

Success Begins The Minute You Set Your Mind To It

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